Tommy On  (2011)

To: UIUC, Ph.D.

Thesis: Experimental study of the development of plastic solitary waves in 1D granular media

Mark Gates (CS, with Prof. Heath) (2011)

To: University of Tennessee, Postdoc

Thesis: High performance digital volume correlation


Current Students

                      Mallory Casperson

                      Ph.D: expected 2014

                      Owen Kingstedt

                      Ph.D: expected 2013


                     Tommy On

                     Ph.D: expected 2014

                      Joseph Gonzalez

                      Ph.D: expected 2014

                      Robert Waymel

                      MS: expected 2013


Post-Doctoral Researchers

                      Erheng Wang


Allan Starr (summer 1997)

Jeremy Freeman (summer and winter 1997),

George Sapna III (summer and winter 1997),

Jennifer Buckley (winter 1998, REU, summer and winter 1999),

Theresa Kidd (REU, summer 2001),

Fady Hajjar (summer 2001),

Glenn Hawkins (summer 2002),

Andrew Oestreich (summer 2003),

Jay Patel (summer 2002, 2003),

Charles Prebil (summer 2003),

Ann Peedikayl (REU, summer, fall 2003),

Lisa Meuller (fall 2003),

Benny Poon (UROP, summer, fall 2003, spring 2004),

David Boddy (summer 2003),

Brian Kuehn (UROP, summer, fall 2004),

Jessica Senning (summer 2005),

Dominic Menoni (spring 2006), Kevin Cerven (summer, fall 2006), Mary Murphy (UROP, summer 2007),

Julia Stalder (REU, summer 2008),

Joseph Gonzalez (spring 09, 10, UROP, summer 09, Fall 09),

Emily Zavala (UROP, summer 10),

Robert Waymel (UROP, summer 10).

REU: Research Experience for Undergraduates – Sponsored by NSF

UROP: Undergraduate Research Opportunities – Sponsored by NASA and NSF

Graduate Students (Ph.D)

Graduate Students (M.S)

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Dr. Hermendra Arya (1997-1998)

Dr. Zhongmin Wang (co-supervised with Prof. R. Lobo) (1999-2001)

Dr. Dhirendra V. Kubair (summer 2003)

Dr. Jorge Abanto-Bueno (summer 2004)

Post-Doctoral Research Associates

Zhouhua Li  (2000)              

To: ABAQUS Solutions Inc.

Thesis: Dynamic thermomechanical behavior of polymers and polymeric matrix composites

Santosh Prabhu (2000)

To: Guidant Co.

Thesis: Three-dimensional and K-dominance effects in isotropic and anisotropic cracked solids

Todd Bjerke (2001)

To: Army Research Lab

Thesis: Thermal dissipation of mechanical work during opening and shear dominated dynamic fracture of amorphous polymers

Xiaopeng Bi (with Prof. Geubelle)(2003)

To: UC Riverside, CA, Postdoc

Thesis: Dynamic fiber debonding and push-out in model composites

Jorge Abanto-Bueno (2004)

To: Bradley University, IL, Assistant Professor

Thesis: Fracture of a model FGM manufactured from a photo-sensitive polyethylene

Jamie Kimberley (2008)       

To: Johns Hopkins University, Postdoc

Thesis: Failure of microelectromechanical systems under dynamic loading: An experimental and numerical investigation

Henry Padilla III (MechSE)  (2008)

To: Sandia National Lab, Research Scientist

Thesis: Multiscale experimental study on the effect of texture and anisotropy on the thermomechanical response of zirconium

Jay Carroll (MechSE)  (2011)           

To: Sandia National Lab, Research Scientist

Thesis:  Relating fatigue crack growth to microstructure via multiscale digital image correlation

Joel Krehbiel (TAM, with Prof. Sottos) (2008)

To: UIUC, Ph.D.

Thesis: Digital image correlation for improved detection of basal cell carcinoma

Hongwei Li (with Prof. Santare) (1998)

To: Philips Electronics of North America

Thesis: Method for determining fracture parameters of functionally graded materials

Rishikesh Bhalerao  (1998)                        

To: Hibbitt, Karlsson and Sorensen, Inc.

Thesis: Numerical and Experimental Characterization of Cellulose

Arvind Narayanaswamy (1999)

To: MIT, Ph.D.

Thesis: Use of digital image correlation in the investigation of quasi-static fracture of FGMs

Mohan Kompella (2000)                              

To: Microstrategy Inc.

Thesis: Micromechanical characterization of cellulose fibers

Dan Heisig  (2000)                   

To: Automation Inc.

Thesis: Heat generated during dynamic elongation

Jamie Kimberley (TAM)  (2002)

To: UIUC, Ph.D

Thesis: Crack kinking from a dynamically loaded interface

Jay Patel (2005)

To: Northrop-Grumann

Thesis: Digital image correlation for microscale and nanoscale deformation measurements

Robert Cooney (2007)

To: Boeing Co.

Thesis: Experimental characterization of MEMS failure under dynamic loading

Owen Kingstedt  (2011)

To: UIUC, Ph.D.

Thesis: A pulsed laser loading technique for controlled dynamic loading of nanostructured materials


Joseph Gonzalez (2011)

To: UIUC, Ph.D.

Thesis: Crack path selection in microstructurally tailored inhomogeneous polymers

Mallory Casperson  (2012)

To: UIUC, Ph.D.

Thesis: Investigation of thermal effects on fatigue crack closure using multiscale digital image correlation experiments

Bharath Swaminathan (2012)

To: Applied Materials Inc.

Thesis: Thermo-mechanical response and plastic deformation behavior of Hastelloy X at elevated temperatures – role of dynamic strain aging

Peter LaVigne (MechSE) (2012)


Thesis: Wave propagation in one dimensional confined granular media