Extensive facilities are currently available in our laboratory for the characterization of mechanical properties of traditional (e.g. metallic) and advanced (e.g. ceramic, composite, functionally graded) materials. In all situations, loading rate can be varied over a large range. An overview of the High Strain Rate Mechanics Lab is seen below:


Optical Imaging

Redlake Motion Pro HS-4 CMOS high-speed digital camera: 5,000 fps; 512 x 512 pixels resolution
Cordin Model 550/535-16 high-speed digital rotating-mirror camera: 1K x 1K pixels resolution; 2,000 fps to 1,000,000 fps
Cordin 330A rotating-mirror film-based high speed camera: 1,000,000 fps; 1 us interframe time, 40 ns exposure time
Cooke HSFC Pro ultra high-speed intensified digital camera: 200,000,000 fps; 5 ns interframe time, 5 ns exposure time


Light single stage gas gun
Tension and compression Split-Hopkinson (Kolsky) Bars Loading rates 100/s to 10,000 /s
Instron Dynatup Minitower Drop Weight Impact Testing System; 1.1 kg – 4.2 kg; initial drop height can be adjusted up to a maximum of 445 mm
MTS Alliance RT/30 screw-driven load frame; 6,600 lbs capacity
Spectra Physics Nd:YAG laser; infrared pulse 8-12 ns duration at wavelength of 1064 nm
Nd YAG Laser Manual

Other Diagnostics

Michelson Interferometer with ps photodetector
Fermionics custom-made high speed infrared detector array; 16 element 80 x 80 micron array
Stress Photonics DeltaTherm DT1410 IR camera
Argon Laser
Argon Laser Manual