This movie shows the result of a notched Semi-Circular Bend (SCB) experiment on Asphalt Concrete. The contours are opening strain measured in situ by DIC. (Berangere Doll)


High-speed infrared movie of adiabatic shear banding forming in a highly-textured Zr cube sample under compression. Note formation of the shear band and thermal burst into the surrounding air. (Henry Padilla)


Correlation of microstructural strain accumulation with Schmid factor in highly-textured Zr. (Henry Padilla)


High-speed CGS interferometry images showing dynamic crack kinking from a PMMA-Homalite interface. Each frame is 5 microseconds apart. (Jamie Kimberley)


In situ high-resolution fatigue crack growth movie in nickel-based superalloy Hastelloy X (left) and corresponding DIC-measured strain field with grain boundaries (right). (Jay Carroll)


Microscope movie of crazing in UV-irradiated polyethylene. DIC speckle pattern has been applied. (Jorge Abanto-Bueno)


3D tomographic reconstruction of particles in a battery electrode. (Joe Gonzalez)


3D tomographic reconstruction of debonding around a spherical inclusion in a PDMS matrix. (Joe Gonzalez)


2D radiographs (false color) of lithiation/delithiation of Sn wire. (Joe Gonzalez)


2D radiographs of alumina sphere embedded in PDMS matrix. (Manny Martinez)


DIC-measured internal displacements around an alumina inclusion in PDMS in compression. (Manny Martinez)


DIC-measured internal strain field around an alumina inclusion in PDMS in compression. (Manny Martinez)


3D rendering of lithiation progression in Sn particles. (Joe Gonzalez)


3D rendering of lithiation progression in Si particles. (Joe Gonzalez)


Mode 3 resonant vibration of Hastelloy X beam. (Arthur Ding)


High-speed movie of impact loading of rectangular disk array. (Robert Waymel)